Action Required: Recall Notice Issued to All FDLP Libraries

  • Last Updated: December 31, 1969
  • Published: March 22, 2016

Certain CD-ROMs in the Marine Corps Electronic Publications Library that were distributed to depository libraries through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) contain personally identifiable information (PII).

The Superintendent of Documents issued an official notification letter for all Federal depository libraries on March 22, 2016.

All withdrawal and destruction activities were to be completed by April 29, 2016.

Every Federal depository library must complete a Withdrawal Action Form. The form asks all FDLP libraries to indicate one of the following for each issue in question:

  1. The publications were found in your collections, and you then destroyed them.
  2. The publications were never in your library’s collections.
  3. The publications have been identified as part of your collections, but you cannot now locate them.

The deadline to respond is April 22, 2016.

Title/Issues to be withdrawn:

Title: Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library
SuDoc Class: D 214.32:
Item Number: 0307-A-10
CGP System Number: 570015
OCLC Number: 43583667

IssueSuDocShipping List
1st QTR CY13D 214.32:2013/12013-0011-E
2nd QTR CY13D 214.32:2013/22014-0001-E
(no 3rd QTR received)  
4th QTR CY13D 214.32:2013/42014-0005-E
1st QTR CY14D 214.32:2014/12014-0008-E
2nd QTR CY14D 214.32:2014/22014-0012-E
3rd QTR CY14D 214.32:2014/32015-0004-E
4th QTR CY14D 214.32:2014/42015-0007-E
1st QTR CY15D 214.32:2015/12015-0011-E
2nd QTR CY15D 214.32:2015/22015-0015-E
3rd QTR CY15D 214.32:2015/32016-0003-E

GPO staff will distribute a printed copy of the Superintendent of Documents’ official notification letter in an upcoming depository shipment box.

Additional information about recall procedures for Federal depository materials, along with a list of active and archived recall notices, can be found in the FDLP Guidance article, “Recall of Depository Material."

For questions, please use our askGPO service. Under the “ask a question” tab, choose “Federal Depository Libraries” as your category and “Withdrawal/Recall” as your subcategory.