Shipping Lists This Week

Due to COVID-19 safety measures impacting FDLP shipment distribution, this page is not currently being updated. Consult the Shipping Lists page for information.

The following shipping lists were processed and distributed during the week of March 2 , 2020 thru March 6, 2020

Shipping List #Shipping List Date# of Pubs.





P = Paper, E = Electronic (e.g., DVDs, CDs), S = Separates

Boxes should begin to arrive at your library within 7-10 business days via UPS, except for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, which should arrive within 12-15 days.

If you are located at a university or large facility with several mail receiving points, please check that your box wasn’t delivered to the wrong building before making a claim.

Please notify GPO as soon as possible if we need to suspend shipments in the event of natural disasters (e.g., weather, fire).

Last shipping list for FY 2020:Paper 2020-0256-P,

Electronic 2020-0004-Seperate2020-0040-S


  • Claims: Learn how and when to claim depository publications and shipments.
  • Claims Copies Exhausted: Publications found on this list are not available for claiming.
  • Expired Shipping Lists: Shipping Lists (and any material shipped under them) that are found on this Web page are not available for claiming.