Shipping Lists

COVID-19 Update for Shipments and Shipping Lists:

  • Shipments have been held since March 12, 2020. Libraries must fill out the Library Status form to resume their shipments.
  • In addition to the continued processing of new content, Distribution staff will focus on the processing of older backlogged content.
  • Not all shipping lists are available online at this time. GPO staff are working to remedy this.
  • Only file a Claim for missing or damaged material found on shipping lists in boxes that your library has received. Do not file claims for material on shipping lists not in your boxes. The normal 60-day window to make claims has been suspended until further notice.

Shipping lists are a list of publications that are mailed to libraries in their depository distribution boxes. Several shipping lists may be found in a depository shipment box. In addition to the paper copies that arrive in depository shipment boxes, electronic versions of shipping lists are posted online. For more information review the Shipping List article located in the Instructions section.


Select the file format and year from the table below. To locate a specific shipping list, input the number (e.g., 2015-0001-p,  2015-0022-m, 2015-0002-s, 2014-0001-e, 201401ts [for USGS maps]) in the Search box.

A copy of a single shipping list file can be downloaded by checking the save icon to the right of the shipping list file name or multiple shipping list files can be downloaded by checking the box at the beginning of the line for the shipping list file and clicking the download button at the top.




Archived Shipping Lists

Shipping lists are archived at the end of each calendar year. Archived shipping lists are available for download from the file repository in .zip format by year and type.

The final shipping lists issued for FY2021

  • Paper: 2021-0257-P
  • Electronic: 2021-0001-E
  • Separates: 2021-0036-S
  • Microfiche: 2021-0190-M

Combined Shipping Lists

A file is available that combines all shipping lists going back to fiscal year 1997 into one list, with a few omissions. The Combined Shipping Lists file contains additional fields, such as Sort By SuDoc, Fiscal Year, and more, that may make it easier to work with the content. The file be downloaded in two formats, MS Excel and CSV. The MS Excel version has additional helpful formatting in it.

New shipping lists are added to the Combined Shipping List files at least twice a month.

Note that corrections to shipping lists, such as SuDoc class changes, may not be reflected in these files. Please check WebTech Notes for changes made to SuDoc class numbers.