Superintendent of Documents

The Superintendent of Documents (SupDocs) leads the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) in providing public access to Government information published by the U.S. Congress, Federal agencies, and the Federal courts. The SupDocs:

  • Focuses efforts on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in cooperation with Congress and GPO’s library partners.
  • Oversees the policy and strategy for GPO’s Library Services and Content Management and Publication and Information Sales business units.

The SupDocs is appointed by the Director, U.S. Government Publishing Office (44 U.S.C. § 1702).

Current Superintendent of Documents

As Superintendent of Documents, Laurie Hall leads the agency in providing public access to Government information published by the U.S. Congress, Federal agencies and the Federal courts. Hall focuses her efforts on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in cooperation with Congress and GPO’s library partners.

As Managing Director of Library Services and Content Management, Hall oversees the administration of four major Congressionally-mandated programs: the FDLP, the Cataloging & Indexing Program, the International Exchange Service, and the By-Law Program. Hall provides management support for the implementation of strategic programs and operations in partnership with depository libraries and in collaboration with other GPO business units and Federal agencies.

Hall has been with GPO since 1985, most recently serving as LSCM’s Director of Library Technical Services where she oversees three divisions and supervises more than 60 staff members. Other LSCM positions Laurie Hall has held include: Supervisory Program Analyst, Serials Cataloger, Cataloging Section Chief, Cataloging Branch Chief, and Director of Bibliographic Services. Since 1992, she has worked on key agency initiatives, including the acquisition of GPO’s first Integrated Library System. Additionally, Hall has worked on projects to deliver cataloging records created by GPO staff to FDLP libraries through GPO’s Cataloging Record Distribution Project. She also manages the National Bibliographic Records Inventory Program, an initiative to identify and catalog both historic and new content for GPO’s Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP). The Bibliographic Inventory includes many projects, such as the conversion of GPO’s Historic Shelflist of U.S. Government Publications (1880-1992) and the development and implementation of cooperative cataloging partnerships with libraries in the FDLP to identify unreported publications and link to recently digitized U.S. Government publications. A new project sponsored by Hall beginning in 2013 is the Web harvesting of agency content. The roles held by Hall since joining GPO have greatly supported the digital transformation of key agency initiatives.

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Ms. Hall earned her Bachelor’s degree in Art History and American Studies at the University of Virginia and her Master’s degree in Library Science at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

List of All Superintendent of Documents

Name Start Date End Date
Laurie Beyer Hall October 16, 2017 Present
Laurie Beyer Hall, Acting May 2, 2016 October 15, 2017
Mary Alice Baish January 20, 2011 April 29, 2016
Richard G. Davis, Acting March 1, 2007 January 19, 2011
Judith Russell January 6, 2003 February 28, 2007
Francis J. Buckley, Jr. December 1, 1997 December, 2002
Francis J. Buckley, Jr., Acting September, 1997 November 30, 1997
Wayne P. Kelley April, 1991 September, 1997
Donald E. Fossedal April 1, 1985 April, 1991
Donald E. Fossedal, Acting January 3, 1985 March 31, 1985
Michael F. DiMario March 7, 1983 January 2, 1985
Raymond Mason Taylor May 10, 1982 March 7, 1983
Raymond Mason Taylor, Acting April 1, 1982 May 9, 1982
William J. Barrett January 30, 1982 March 31, 1982
Carl A. LaBarre July 20, 1975 January 29, 1982
Wellington H. Lewis July 1, 1973 July 17, 1975
Robert E. Kling, Jr. December 22, 1970 June 30, 1973
Robert E. Kling, Jr., Acting June 13, 1970 December 21, 1970
Carper W. Buckley July 5, 1953 June 12, 1970
Roy B. Eastin August 1, 1949 July 4, 1953
Fred W. Cromwell June 16, 1945 July 29, 1949
Alton P. Tisdel June 1, 1921 June 1, 1945
John L. Alverson November 16, 1920 May 15, 1921
John L. Alverson, Acting May 24, 1920 November 15, 1920
Josiah H. Brinker May 1, 1914 May 23, 1920
Josiah H. Brinker, Acting December 2, 1913 April 30, 1914
Frank C. Wallace February 26, 1913 December 1, 1913
August Donath July 16, 1909 February 22, 1913
William Leander Post August 8, 1906 July 15, 1909
William Leander Post, Acting February 8, 1906 August 7, 1906
Louis C. Ferrell November 19, 1897 February 7, 1906
Francis A. Crandall March 26, 1895 November 17, 1897