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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record No. Created Last Modified
Congressional Record, Vol. 169, Nos. 188-189 (P) X 1.1/A:169/188-189 0994-B 2024-0042-P WH Typo on cover indicates nos. 187-188, but actual content is nos. 188-189. Typo on interior pages indicates all issues are no. 188; second Senate issue is actually no. 189. 1233039
Shipping List Number 2024-0062-P n/a n/a 2024-0062-P WH Incorrect shipping list header. 2024-0064-P should be 2024-0062-P.
Federal Register, Volume 88, Number 247 AE 2.106:88/247 0573-C 2024-0062-P WH Typo in shipping list sudoc class. AE 1.106:88/247 should be AE 2.106:88/247 1233041
Treatment Technologies for Site Cleanup : Annual Status Report (P) EP 1.2:T 71/ 0431-I-01 CC Corrected to EP 1.17/6: 1233038
Strategic plan (National Centers for Environmental Prediction) (EL) C 55.191/3: 0276-B-05 UM Change title to: Strategic implementation plan. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo222938 1233042
Office of Inspector General, Semiannual Report (Semiannual) (MF) I 1.1/7: 0600-C-03 UM Format changed to (EL). No longer distributed to depository libraries in microfiche format. 115051
Congressional Record, Daily Digest of the ... Congress (annual) (P) X 1.1: 0993-B-01 WH Item number deactivated. Print serial record closed. Daily digest is printed on the back of the Congressional Record bound. (7/26/2023). Item number reactivated. Permanent edition of the Daily Digest continues as the final part of the bound Congressional Record. (8/25/2023) 1231395
Reuse Excess Property Act (P) Y 1.1/5:118-20 1008-C 2024-0073-P CC Change class no. to: Y 1.1/5:118-120 1233037
California : San Diego : 1:100,000 scale topographic map : 30 X 60 minute series (topographic) (P) I 53.11/4:32300-E 1-TM-100/2003 0619-G-16 CC Change class to: I 53.11/4:32117-E 1-TM-100/2003 1233036
1:100 000-Scale Metric Topographic Map of San Diego, California, 1979 (P) I 53.11/4-2:37117-E 1-TM-100 0619-G-16 CC Change class to: I 53.11/4-2:32117-E 1-TM-100 1233035