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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record No. Created Last Modified
Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming, 1982 (P) A 13.28:B 48/3 0080-G 88-629-P CC Change class to: A 13.28:B 48/5/ 1232978
SIGAR Financial Audit (series) S 1.163/2-2: 0876-A-48 UM Series created in error. Cancel class and item no.
National Accomplishments in Pollution Control, 1970-1980: Some Case Histories (P) EP 1.2:P 76/970-80 0431-I-01 15,450 CC Change class to: EP 1.2:P 76/21/970-80. Classification changed in Shipping list no.: 16,215. 1232974
Court of Military Appeals Digests, Annotated and Digested Opinions D 1.19/3: 0311-B UM Reactivate class and item number. Change body to: United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Change title to: Opinion digest. 1232973
Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study. 2000-01 (B&B: 2000/01) Methodology Report (P) ED 1.328/7:B 12/3 0455-G-11 2004-0003-P CC Change class to: ED 1.328/7:B 12/2003 1232968
Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study. Second Follow-Up Field Test Report, 1996 (P) ED 1.328/7:B 12/996 0455-G-11 97-0245-P CC Change class to: ED 1.328/7:B 12/4 1232969
Overview of Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Surface Mining of Oil Shale, Piceance Basin, Colorado (P) EP 1.2:OI 5/11 0431-I-01 CC Change class to: EP 1.2:OI 5/12 1232970
1987 Census of Construction Industries. Industry Series. Heavy Construction Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified, Industry 1629 (P) C 3.245/3:CC 87-1-9 0133-D-02 90-074-P CC Change class to: C 3.245/3:CC 87-I-9. Publication was incorrectly reclassed from C 3.245/3:CC 87-I-9 to C 3.245/3:CC 87-1-9, changing the "I" to a "1." 1232971
National Report on Sustainable Forests (decennial) (EL) A 13.176: 0084-A-19 UM Change item no. to: 0084-A-28. Libraries selecting 0084 will have 0084-A-28 added to their item selection profile. PURL: http://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo38919 1232967
Current Industrial Reports. MA34K, Steel Shipping Drums, and Pails (annual) (EL) C 3.158/42: 0142-A-54 UM Cancel class and item no. Discontinued by publisher. 1232952