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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record number Created Last Modified
Final Environmental impact statement: Proposed Federal Coal Leasing Program (of Bureau of Land Management) (1975) I 1.98:C 63 0603-G 8088 WH Correct classification for this publication is I 1.98:C 63 1212798 2023-04-26 2023-04-26
Coachella Canal: Draft Resource Management Plan Environmental Assessment (MF) I 1.98:C 63/DRAFT 0603-G 1993-0239-M CC Change class to: I 1.98:C 63/10/DRAFT 1212797 2023-04-26 2023-04-26
Coachella Canal: Final Resource Management Plan Environmental Assessment and Finding of no Significant Impact (MF) I 1.98:C 63 0603-G 94-0689-M CC Change class to: I 1.98:C 63/10 90223 1995-03-30 2023-04-26
Interactions among Programs Providing Benefits to Individuals: Secondary Effects on the Budget Y 10.2:B 43 1005-C, 1005-D (microfiche) CC Change class to: Y 10.2:B 85/15 and ignore item number: 1005-D (microfiche) (MoCat, June 1983, page XXV, correction to entry 83-4240) 1212795 2023-04-25 2023-04-26
Forest Service Agency Financial Report (EL) A 13.1/3-2: 0080-M-02 UM Cancel class and item no. Discontinued by publisher. 1212794 2023-04-20 2023-04-20
Pedestrian Forum (quarterly) (EL) TD 2.95: 0982-G-83 UM Changed title to: Pedestrian and Bike Forum with issue v. 68 (winter 2016). PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo195357 ; Changed title to: Pedestrian and Bicyclist Forum with issue v. 72 (spring 2017). PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo195358 ; Changed title to: Pedestrian and Bike Forum Newsletter with v. 78 (summer 2019). PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo195359 1212793 2023-04-20 2023-04-20
Sustainable Energy Strategy (MF) E 1.2:SU 8 0429-A 99-0104-M CC Change class to: E 1.2:ST 8/2 000498311 2023-04-20 2023-04-20
Working Together for a Safe Environment (P) E 1.2:EN 8 0429-A 93-0219-P CC Change class to: E 1.2:W 89 1212792 2023-04-19 2023-04-20
Photovoltaics Technical Information Guide (P) E 1.8:P 56 0429-B CC Change class to: E 1.28:SERI/SP-271-2452 and item no. 0429-T-04. 1212791 2023-04-19 2023-04-19
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Ensuring Safety and Accountability in the Government's Trillion Dollar Investment... July 22, 2020, Serial No. 116-105 (MF) Y 4.OV 2:116-105 1016-B (MF) 2021-0193-M WH Item will not be distributed in microfiche format. Bibliographic record was created in error and will be removed from the CGP. (01/19/2023). Item was distributed on shipping list no. 2021-0193-M, and bibliographic record has been restored (04/18/2023). 1207082 2023-01-23 2023-04-18