Foreign Trade online resource: monthly merchandise imports and exports data

The Census Bureau Foreign Trade online resource is “the official source for U.S. export and import statistics and responsible for issuing regulations governing the reporting of all export shipments from the United States.” It contains monthly data in zip files from 2010 – present.

The Foreign Trade online resource replaces access previously available through the U.S. Imports and Exports of Merchandise on DVD.

Note that almost all content is also available free to the public through the International Trade API. The U.S. Exports of Merchandise data in the API is complete, but the U.S. Imports of Merchandise data there is missing one variable: District of Entry. This is currently available in the Foreign Trade online resource.


Terms of Service

By requesting the FDLP username and password, your depository library agrees that:

  • You will not release the username and password to anyone other than authorized library personnel. You must log users onto the site and cannot provide the username and password to patrons.
  • You will use the authorized URLs for access to the resource.

Those not abiding by the terms risk loss of access to the resource.

Request Access

To request the FDLP username and password, log into askGPO and submit an inquiry using Category: Other Depository Library Question or Issue.

How to Access

  1. Input either the login page or the PURL into a browser:
    Navigate to the page. From the Census Bureau home page Browse by Topic International Trade Download Subscription.

    When you click the URLs above or click on monthly data, you will be taken to a Foreign Trade Login web page:   

    Do not bookmark and use this link for future access or to retrieve a forgotten username or password. See “Questions and Hints” below.

  2. Log in using the FDLP username and case-sensitive password for the resource.
    You will be directed to a U.S. Census Bureau web page.
  3. Input either the login page or the PURL again into the same browser or navigate to the Foreign Trade web page:
               Census Bureau home page → Browse by Topic → International Trade → Download Subscription

    After logging in successfully, you will see monthly Merchandise Trade Exports and Imports:


Questions and Hints

If you have forgotten the FDLP username and password or have questions, contact Federal Depository Support Services.

To access the resource: