Finding a Mailing Address When Your Publication is Claimed

  • Last Updated: December 15, 2021
  • Published: February 27, 2020

Once a library has claimed a publication you were offering in FDLP eXchange and you have agreed that you will send it to them, how do you know where to send it? You can either:

  1. Message the library within FDLP eXchange to ask what mailing address to use.
  2. Use the Federal Depository Library Directory to find the library’s mailing address.

For option 1, this example shows a completed match. Click on the publication title to find out which library made the claim.

exchange-tip image

On the next page, you can find the name of the library that requested your publication under the Transaction Log. On this page, you can also use the Messaging feature in FDLP eXchange to quickly ask the claiming library what mailing address you should use.

exchange-tip image