Official Communication of the FDLP

  • Last Updated: July 31, 2022
  • Published: October 15, 2012


  • Sign up for FDLP News and Events for official FDLP news.
  • Use and read
  • Follow GPO social media (linked from the footer of every page on
  • Provide information about your library, and find contacts in the Federal Depository Library Directory.
  • Ask questions of GPO’s Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) through askGPO.
  • Contact LSCM’s Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS) to consult about your depository operation.

Communication by GPO

FDLP News & Events

FDLP News & Events is the official communication source used by GPO to notify depository library staff about FDLP news, training opportunities, and other depository related information.

New depository coordinators are automatically subscribed to the list after they are added to the Federal Depository Library Directory as their library’s coordinator.

Some messages require action by depository library staff. At least one person at each depository library must subscribe to FDLP News and Events in order to stay up-to-date with FDLP news and to be aware of actions or directions included in the messages. Typically, the subscriber is the depository coordinator, but any interested staff member may also sign up for the news alerts.

To subscribe to FDLP News & Events, submit an inquiry to askGPO.

  • Select the “Federal Depository Library Program” tile (after logging in if you have an askGPO account).
  • Select “” as your category.
  • Under “Enter your inquiry”, type: Subscribe to News & Events, (your name), and (your email address).

Selected FDLP News and Events messages are cross-posted to other, non-GPO communication sources for librarians, such as GovDoc-L, DocTech-L, FEDLIB, and Law-Lib, in order to share information with interested library staff outside the FDLP. is the official website for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) and the Cataloging and Indexing Program (C&I).

See’s home page for rotating content highlighting depository staff, Federal information resources, and FDLP, C&I, and GPO news.

For additional FDLP content and information resources, see FDLP LibGuides and the CGP on GitHub.

Social Media

GPO uses social media to share news stories and other items of interest. FDLP-related content appears on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and through the Government Book Talk blog. You may follow GPO and FDLP news on these sites through links on the and homepages.

To expand your library’s social media reach, GPO encourages you to share important news or information about your depository’s special events, displays, services, or collections. GPO may share your library’s information on or through GPO social media.

Send photos and descriptions of the events or activities using askGPO.

  • Select the “Federal Depository Library Program ” tile.
  • Select this Category: “Marketing, social media, or promotional materials”

Communication within the FDLP

Contacts at Federal depository libraries

To identify library staff contacts at Federal depository libraries, use the Federal Depository Library Directory. The FDL Directory has various search options, including advanced search, a clickable map of the U.S., and a detailed map of the FDLP Network. To identify a regional depository library, see a list of regional depositories or the FDLP Network.

It is important for each library to have a listed depository coordinator so that GPO, interested library users, and other depository staff can contact you. If the depository coordinator position is vacant, an interim coordinator should be named.

The public side of the FDL Directory shows the depository coordinator’s name and contact information; the library director’s name; and other general information, including the library website and catalog links and the public service phone number.

If you are the newly designated or interim Federal depository coordinator at your library, please log in to askGPO and review your library’s entry in the Directory. Ensure that all information is current and that website, catalog, and social media links are still active. For assistance accessing askGPO, see information within Passwords and Accounts Used by Depository Libraries.

At many libraries, multiple library staff contribute to the library’s Federal depository operation and services. When you are logged in and viewing your library’s FDL Directory entry, you will see fields for additional points of contact at your library. This information is viewable by your library and GPO staff. If your library has a second contact for the depository operation, include information for that individual in the Additional Staff fields in the Staff Information section. If your library is an official FDLP partner or participates in the Cataloging Record Distribution Program, the FDL Directory entry will include additional library points of contact for these activities.

More about the FDL Directory is in the Guidance article “Federal Depository Library Directory and Library Addresses.”

Contacting GPO with questions or comments

To contact GPO about the FDLP or C&I or to see Trending FAQs, use askGPO.

askGPO is the resource to use when submitting questions to any area of GPO, including Library Services and Content Management (LSCM). Be sure to log in before submitting your question. Your depository name and number will auto-populate, and you will be able to view your past inquiries. FDLP Contacts (linked from “Contact Us” in the top navigation) will help you select the correct askGPO category to use when submitting your question. Based on the category selected, the system will route your question to subject matter experts within GPO.

More about askGPO is available on a project page and a training site.

If would like to talk with a GPO librarian on the phone to discuss your depository operation or if you have a more complex question or issue, you’re welcome to contact GPO’s Federal Depository Support Services (FDSS). FDSS provides consultation and advice about depository operations and the FDLP and can also help you address general questions or issues. To contact FDSS:

  • Call 202-512-1119. This is a shared phone line that any Outreach Librarian or other FDSS staff member will answer.
  • Submit an askGPO inquiry. FDSS answers several askGPO questions submitted with various categories, including these:

Sending official letters to GPO

Electronic communication is currently preferred. When sending a letter electronically, include a digital signature.

If you prefer to send a physical letter, the mailing address is:

Library Services and Content Management Stop: IDED U.S. Government Publishing Office Mail 732 North Capitol Street NW Washington, DC 20401

Historical FDLP Resources

FDLP Connection (2011-2018)

The FDLP Connection was a bimonthly newsletter featuring news and insights into the FDLP. In addition to timely articles, it included two regular features: Partnership Showcase and Library Spotlight.

Administrative Notes (AdNotes) (1980-2009)

Administrative Notes: Newsletter of the Federal Depository Library Program served to inform the Federal depository library community about policies, procedures, and news relating to the FDLP. Administrative Notes, also called AdNotes, was easily recognizable as it was distributed to all Federal depositories on yellow paper. It is available in GovInfo.

Administrative Notes Technical Supplement (ANTS) (1994-2008)

A supplement to AdNotes, also distributed on yellow paper to each Federal depository library, this resource provided classification, cataloging, and item number updates as well as depository designation information. View online issues in GovInfo. ANTS was the precursor to WebTech Notes.

Public Documents Highlights (1973-1983)

Another newsletter of the FDLP, this publication was the first official tool of communication between GPO and Federal depository libraries. It was created upon a recommendation of the first Depository Library Council. It is available in GovInfo.