Claiming Federal Publications

  • Last Updated: December 16, 2021
  • Published: October 15, 2012
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal 60-day period for claims is suspended; claim copies will be retained as long as space allows.
  • FY20 and FY21 Separates are only available for libraries that have not resumed their shipments yet. When the library resumes their shipments, their Separates will be automatically mailed. There is no need to file a claim.
  • FY21 Paper, Microfiche, and Electronic shipping lists are available for claiming.
  • All FY22 shipping lists are available for claiming.
  • Before filing a claim, libraries should check the Claims Copies Exhausted page. Normally this page is used to report individual publications that LSCM does not have available for claiming. We have added information about what shipping lists no longer have claims copies available.
  • Only file a claim for missing or damaged material found on shipping lists in boxes that your library has received. Do not file claims for material on shipping lists not in your boxes.
  • To submit a claim, log in to askGPO and click on Claims Request Form from the top menu. If you do not see Claims Request Form, click on More.

If you need help with a login for askGPO, contact Federal Depository Support Services at [email protected] or 202-512-1119.

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) will attempt to replace copies of federal publications that are damaged, not shipped, or defective.

Claims are filed by the depository coordinator or another staff member authorized by the coordinator. In order to request a replacement copy, libraries must first determine the type of distribution for the material being claimed. Federal depository libraries have sixty (60) days from the date on the appropriate shipping list to claim a publication. Only a small number of claims copies are available. Replacement copies are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

See the guidance on claims for full details on what can and cannot be claimed.

There are three types of distribution of publications:

  1. GPO Distribution: paper, electronic, and separates.

    Materials distributed from GPO’s depository distribution center in Laurel, Maryland. These materials are listed on shipping lists with numbers ending in –P, -E, and –S.
  2. Microfiche Distribution

    Materials distributed directly from the microfiche contractor. These materials are listed on shipping lists with numbers ending in –M. Daily Congressional Record, Federal Register, and List of CFR Sections Affected microfiche are distributed directly from the contractor without shipping lists.
  3. Map Distribution from USGS
  4. Maps distributed from the USGS office in Denver, Colorado. These materials are listed on shipping lists with numbers ending in –TS.

GPO Distribution: Paper, Electronic, and Separates

Use the claims form, which is located under "Collection Tools" to claim paper, electronic, or separates from shipping lists. To help ensure that your claim can be filled promptly and accurately, please:

  • Provide your depository library number on all claims (including faxed claims). Your claim will be delayed if we do not have this number.
  • Provide complete information about the claim: item number, SuDocs classification number, correct series or publication title, issuing agency, and related information.
  • Make your claim as soon as possible within the 60-day claim window.
  • Make individual claims if some, but not all, items on a shipping list are missing.
  • Only claim the entire shipping list if:
    • Every item number on the shipping list is selected by your library.
    • You are missing all items on the shipping list.

Microfiche Distribution

Do NOT use the claims form to claim microfiche.

Claims should be filed within sixty (60) days of the date of the receipt of the shipping list at the library.

For titles distributed without shipping lists (Daily Congressional Record, Federal Register, and List of CFR Sections Affected), claims copies will be available for sixty (60) after the contractor distributed the title; please file your claim as soon as you become aware of a missing or damaged item.

E-mail, fax or mail your claim to the address below:

Data Management Internationale, Inc.
55 Lukens Drive
New Castle, DE 19720

Email: [email protected]
Fax: (302) 656-1169
Phone: (302) 656-1151

Please include title, SuDocs classification number, item number, and your depository library number on all correspondence. If including a shipping list with your claim, please circle the missing item numbers and complete the claims form at the bottom of the shipping list. When e-mailing without a scanned shipping list, please include the shipping list number, if applicable, in addition to the information above.

Map Distribution from USGS

Do NOT use the claims form to claim maps distributed from USGS.

To file a claim, circle the missing item numbers and complete the claims form at the bottom of the shipping list. Mail or fax your claim to the address below.

United States Department of the Interior
Geological Survey
Denver Fedeal Center
MS 306, Attn: Receiving
Denver, CO 80225

Fax: (303) 202-4710
Phone: (303) 202-4178

Shipped Short Materials

On rare occasions, GPO receives only a limited number of copies of a publication from an agency for distribution to depository libraries. These publications are referred to as "shipped short". When a publication is shipped short, copies are sent to all regional collections and any remainders are made available to selective depositories on a random basis.

To determine if a publication is shipped short, check to see if the shipping list entry has a percent symbol % next to the item number. Do not claim any publication with a % next to the item number on a shipping list.

See also:

  • Claims: Learn how and when to claim depository publications and shipments.
  • Claims Copies Exhausted: Publications found on this list are not available for claiming.