Direct Mail Titles

  • Last Updated: December 15, 2021
  • Published: March 25, 2009

Direct mail is depository material that is shipped directly to the library from a GPO contractor. This material does not appear on a GPO-issued shipping list. Any titles currently selected by libraries and received through direct mail are depository publications and must be managed appropriately according to Federal Depository Library Program policies.

Discontinued Direct Mail Titles

The following titles were distributed as direct mail titles in the late 1990s.

Title Class Number Item Number
Business America [Continued by Export America, C 61.18/2:] C 61.18: 0127-A
Commerce Business Daily C 1.76: 0231-G-03
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports HE 20.7009: 0508-A
List of CFR Sections Affected AE 2.106/2: 0573-C (P)
Federal Register AE 2.106: 0573-C (P)
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents AE 2.109: 0577-A
Federal Highway Administration Register TD 2.71: 0678-A
U.S. Dept. of State Dispatch S 1.3/5: 0864
Daily Treasury Statement T 63.113/2-2: 0923-A-02
Monthly Treasury Statement T 63.113/2: 0923-A-02
Internal Revenue Bulletin T 22.23: 0957
Monthly Statement of the Public Debt T 63.215: 0970-A-11
Congressional Record (daily) X 1.1/A: 0994-B (P)
FERC Statutes and Regulations E 2.18: 0438-C-01
FERC Reports E 2.17: 0438-C