List of Classes

  • Last Updated: February 15, 2022
  • Published: November 25, 2008

The List of Classes is the official listing of publications available for selection by depository libraries participating in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).

The list is arranged by the Superintendent of Documents classification numbering system and is designed to group together publications by the same Government author. Use the List of Classes to work with and identify item numbers that your depository may want to select or deselect from your item selection profile. The List of Classes is usually published semi-annually in paper and a copy is sent to each depository library. Additional copies are available for sale from the U.S. Government Bookstore.

Note: The latest print edition dates back to November 2015. Libraries are strongly encouraged to use the List of Classes (CSV) or the Modified List of Classes (XLSX) files.

Format Designations

Letter(s) enclosed in parentheses indicates format designations for Government information products. The formats are:

  • (P) for paper
  • (MF) for microfiche
  • (E) for electronic products (miscellaneous/format unknown)
  • (EL) for online electronic format
  • (CD) for (CD-ROM), DVD for optical/recordable discs
  • (FL) for floppy diskettes
  • UNK for unknown formats

Format decisions have not been made for all classes, and all decisions are subject to change. In addition, the few item numbers that are only available for selection by certain types of libraries according to their depository designation (e.g., regional depository or regionals and law libraries) are identified with a note in parentheses after the title.

Data Files

The data files of the List of Classes are updated twice monthly and are available in the List of Classes Data Files. These files include not only the ASCII text version of the List of Classes, but also related files.

  • Inactive Item Numbers: Cumulative list of inactive item numbers no longer available for selection by libraries (formerly entitled, "Inactive or Discontinued Items").
  • List of Active Items and Class Stems: List of active item numbers and SuDoc class stems.
  • List of Classes: ASCII text version of the listing of publications available for selection by depository libraries.
  • Inactive SuDoc Class Stems: Cumulative list of inactive SuDoc class stems. An item number associated with an inactive SuDoc class stem may still be available for selection if the item number is active and has alternative active SuDoc class stem(s) associated with it. This file was formerly entitled, "Classes No Longer Active, List of Classes, Appendix II."
  • Alphabetic Listing of Government Authors
  • Modified List of Classes: List of publications available for selection by depository libraries. Has additional fields including Sort by SuDoc, Agency, and Sub-Agency.