Passwords and Accounts Used by Depository Libraries

  • Last Updated: January 26, 2022
  • Published: January 29, 2009

There are several passwords and accounts used by Federal depository libraries. These include:

  • Depository library internal password
  • Z39.50 passwords
  • FDLP PURL Usage Report account
  • FDLP eXchange account
  • Agency created passwords for free depository access to their subscription services
  • askGPO passwords

In order to help you better understand what the different passwords are used for, more detailed information about each of them is provided below.


Password Used for More Information
Depository library “internal” password
  • Updating your depository item selection profile
  • Submitting the Biennial Survey of Depository Libraries
  • Submitting special surveys
  • Ordering promotional materials through the
  • Accessing FDL-only features using the CGP FDLP Login.
  • Viewing FDLP PURL Usage Report information for your library
The password is assigned by GPO.

The user ID associated with this official internal password is the depository library number.

The depository library password is generally used with applications in which administrative business is being conducted with GPO.

The depository coordinator listed in the FDL Directory may request information on your library's password through askGPO. Choose “Federal Depository Library Program” and then the “Other depository library question or issue” category.

This password is case sensitive.

Agency created passwords for free depository access to their subscription services

Accessing the available agency subscription services

User IDs and passwords allow free depository access to agency subscription services and are assigned by the individual agency.

Each subscription service that your library provides access to will have a unique password assigned and may require a user agreement.

For more information, see the Agency Subscription Databases article.

askGPO password

Using askGPO services, including:

  • Submitting a question
  • Checking the status of a question
  • Reviewing GPO responses to your past questions
  • Updating information in the Federal Depository Library Directory

If you do not have an askGPO account and need one, email [email protected].

If you are the coordinator at a depository library and want to request an askGPO login on behalf of another person working at your library, sign in to the site and use the “Request Login” link.

If you already have an askGPO account, your username is your email address and you create your own password. If you need your account reset due to a forgotten username or password, email [email protected].

Z39.50 password

Searching, retrieving, and downloading cataloging records from the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) via Z39.50

To locate your password, use the CGP Lost Password feature. You will receive an email with your internal password and your Z39.50 password.

For more information, see the Z39.50 article.

FDLP PURL Usage Report

Receiving monthly email alerts when a FDLP PURL Usage report is available for viewing and downloading

After “patterns” for identifying an institution’s network(s) are saved, whomever is listed as the contact in the Library Report Dashboard will receive a monthly email notifying them when the PURL usage report is available for download.

To change the name and email address of the alert recipient listed, send an email with the appropriate information (name, email address, and depository library number), to [email protected]

FDLP eXchange

Offering withdrawals to other depository libraries.

Entering materials needed for your collection.

Receiving alerts when claims are made and matches are found.

Up to five accounts may be registered for each depository library. This enables multiple library staff to access the tool for management of the withdrawal operation.

Users will be prompted to create passwords when they login for the first time.

Passwords are created and maintained by users.

For questions, please see the FDLP eXchange project page.

If you forget your password, click on Request new password.


Please note that depository library external passwords are no longer used, although they still appear in the Federal Depository Library Directory User Information section. These passwords were once used with applications controlled by other Federal agencies. However, the agencies themselves are now assigning their own passwords for their subscription services.