Requesting GPO Participation

  • Last Updated: December 15, 2021
  • Published: January 27, 2011

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) appreciates invitations to visit your library and to participate in your library's events. If you need a consultation regarding the management of your depository library, an assessment of your library's services, or additional support in helping your library celebrate a milestone, GPO is available to visit your library and participate. We want to help you achieve your goals and share our ideas and insights. To request a visit, log in to askGPO and from the top menu, click on More > Training/Visits Request.

Typically, our visits assist libraries in the following ways:

1. Consultation and outreach about depository management

GPO staff visit libraries, often in coordination with depository meetings, presentations and other events. These informal visits are an opportunity to share best practices and consult about effective depository management practices and issues that your library is facing.

Please note that GPO continues to provide many other avenues for depository consultation, providing assistance to libraries that may need help with their depository operations and any other issues as needed. To facilitate communication about depository management issues, such as how potential changes at your library may affect the depository operation, depository personnel are encouraged to contact GPO anytime. GPO also encourages you to contact your regional librarian for consultation about depository library management and assistance with collection review.

2. Assessment of your library’s depository operation

The Public Access Assessment (PAA) is an outside review by GPO that documents the current status of your library’s depository operations and services. This review helps you identify depository strengths and any areas needing improvement. GPO outreach librarians performing the PAA are experienced former depository coordinators who are able to consult on a range of depository management topics. The regional librarian may also attend to give you additional feedback and continuing support.

3. Anniversary celebrations, statewide or regional depository meetings, and conference participation

GPO is always honored to present at or participate in Federal depository library anniversary celebrations, and we also look forward to opportunities to meet with several depository library personnel at statewide or regional depository library meetings, in person or through videoconferencing. We also participate in several conferences nationally.