Important FDLP Distribution and Claims Updates

  • Last Updated: March 10, 2022
  • Published: March 10, 2022

GPO staff have completed the processing and distribution of all materials for the FY 2021 shipping lists. Please note that because shipping list numbers are often processed out of order, the last shipment physically distributed for FY 2021 was 2021-0228-P. The previously-announced last shipping list, 2021-0257-P, is still the last shipment in the number sequence for FY 2021. Please allow ample time for these final shipments to be delivered before filing claims.

As part of our pandemic procedures, GPO temporarily suspended the 60-day claims window and retained claims copies as space permitted. Effective immediately, the normal 60-day window for filing claims will be reinstated. GPO will no longer update the Claims Copies Exhausted page with shipping lists that are not available for claiming. Instead, please check the shipping list to confirm whether the shipping list date is within the 60-day claims window and thus still eligible to be claimed.

Additionally, the list of publications no longer available for claims (formerly provided on the Claims Copies Exhausted page) has been incorporated into the main claims page. We have also eliminated several redundant claims information and guidance pages. All claims information is now available at: