Limited Print Distribution Began in February 2024 – New Retention Requirements in Force

  • Last Updated: March 07, 2024
  • Published: March 07, 2024

Per the recent Print Distribution Updates FDLP News Alert, distribution of 20- and 50-copy titles on the PDT List has begun.

February was a month of transition. Smaller quantities of material, ordered under the limited print distribution framework, were distributed to the libraries currently selecting the PDT List titles. Larger quantities of material, ordered prior to the limited print distribution framework, were distributed to the libraries that selected them prior to the PDT List selection updates.

A list of titles that were distributed in February and their retention rules is available.

  • Publications flagged as “Traditional FDLP retention rules apply” may be managed according to the previous retention rules. Superseding is permitted, titles may be substituted with the online equivalent with regional permission (after having held them for a year), and weeding is permitted per the library’s regular weeding process after being held for five years.  
  • Publications flagged as “New NCSA-framework retention rules apply” must be retained for five years, after which, they must be offered nationally on FDLP eXchange, at a minimum. 

All publications distributed in March 2024 will be limited distribution framework titles and are subject to new retention rules, unless otherwise stated in the shipping list. Larger quantity publications ordered prior to the limited distribution framework have shipping list entries with a ^ symbol in the title field. This is an indication that the publication was shipped to all selecting libraries as of 2/2/2024, and traditional FDLP retention rules apply to that publication. 

Background information about the Digital FDLP Implementation and the new limited print distribution framework is available. Please submit any questions or concerns via askGPO using the “Digital FDLP” category.