May/June Digital FDLP Implementation Updates

  • Last Updated: July 10, 2024
  • Published: July 10, 2024

May and June have been busy months for digital FDLP implementation activities.

  • Work is ongoing with the List of Classes, which lists what is available for depository libraries to profile. Almost all entries are ‘EL’ for digital or online-format titles. The majority of paper-format entries are for PDT List titles. Other tangible-format entries continue to be worked on, including ‘E’ media (CDs, DVDs, etc.), and ‘MF’ microfiche. LSCM staff are manually reviewing each E-format entry. If an online equivalent exists, it will be flipped to be EL format. If no online equivalent exists, the title will be inactivated. MF-format entries will be inactivated. Libraries do not need to modify their item selection profiles.
  • The PDT List may be found in the Modified List of Classes or as a PDF. To review which libraries were allocated the 20-copy and 50-copy paper format titles, consult the updated PDT Allocation List. Note the Maps tab which links to a PDT Allocation Dashboard map. Alternatively, consult FDLP Data Manager (FDM). Use the List of Classes module (PDF tutorial).
  • National Collection Service Area (NCSA) Steering Committee work is ongoing. Steering Committees have been meeting to review preliminary committee tasks as well as beginning work on NCSA-specific collection development plans.

 For questions about these updates, please use askGPO,select the Federal Depository Library tile, and select the category, “Digital FDLP.”