Federal Information Preservation Network (FIPNet)

The Federal Information Preservation Network (FIPNet) is a component of the National Plan for Access to U.S. Government Information.

To ensure access to Federal Government information for future generations

What is the Federal Information Preservation Network? (FIPNet)

The U.S. Government Publishing Office’s (GPO) Federal Information Preservation Network (FIPNet) is a strategy for a collaborative network of information professionals working in various partner roles to ensure access to the national collection of Government information for future generations. FIPNet contributes to the preservation of both tangible and digital Government information, and elevates the public awareness and prestige of local initiatives, specific collections of Government information, and the institutions and agencies that have stewardship over them.

Why is FIPNet necessary?

The historic collection of tangible Federal Government publications and the born digital Federal information of today are a priceless information asset for the American people. This information tells the story of the work of our democracy in action over the more than two hundred years of our history. Yet, this information asset is vulnerable to decay, neglect, obsolescence, damage, theft, and content degradation. A network of partners working cooperatively to preserve Federal Government information will ensure that this information asset remains freely accessible to the American people both now and for future generations.

Who can participate in FIPNet?

FIPNet is open to participation from:

  • Federal depository libraries
  • The Library of Congress
  • National Archives and Records Administration
  • U.S. national libraries
  • Federal agencies
  • Library consortia
  • Associations
  • Public and private sector enterprises
  • Others interested in Government information preservation

Participants will work in partnership with GPO to ensure access to Federal Government information for future generations.

What roles will partners play?

There are numerous opportunities for interested stakeholders to participate in and contribute to the preservation of Government information. These partners may elect to work with GPO on one or more of the following preservation activities:

  • Cataloging and metadata creation
  • Digitization and content conversion
  • Harvesting Web content
  • Hosting digital content
  • Storing physical copies
  • Condition assessment
  • Conservation
  • Other innovative activities that support preservation

How will the collaboration work?

GPO will provide leadership and expertise, leveraging local preservation efforts already underway. GPO will assist stakeholders in finding partners and help develop or expand local preservation initiatives. GPO will provide the necessary coordination and the context needed to integrate these projects into a national preservation network. Local participation and decentralization are key to the success of the FIPNet.

How will FIPNet be governed?

Leadership, direction, and coordination of FIPNet will come from the U.S. Government Publishing Office with advice and guidance provided by an advisory board of The Network’s participants.

Where are we now?

GPO is planning and developing important components of the FIPNet, and implementing strategies. FIPNet is an investment to protect a national asset. This is a significant long-term collaborative effort. We seek potential partners looking for opportunities to work with GPO in various roles. If you have a project already underway or are planning a project that meets the objectives of the Federal Information Preservation Network, please contact us.