Streamlining the Process: Disposition of Depository Materials

In accordance with 44 United States Code §1912, "libraries designated as regional depositories may permit depository libraries, within the areas served by them, to dispose of Government publications which they have retained for five years after first offering them to other depository libraries within their area, then to other libraries". While this is one of the more flexible provisions of Chapter 19, it has also resulted in processes that are cumbersome and time consuming for both selective and regional depository libraries.

GPO is addressing the many disposition process concerns expressed by the depository community through various data gathering and strategic planning discussions. This is on the Library Services and Content Management list of priority projects as well as a recommendation from the Spring 2009 Depository Library Council meeting.

LSCM has taken a two-pronged approach to addressing this issue:

  1. Best practices and education
    The procedures vary from regional to regional and over time common practices have come to be viewed as requirements in some instances. Sharing current practices and conducting educational sessions on what is permissible, and what is not, will eliminate any misunderstandings of the requirements. Additionally it will offer regionals other alternatives, which may prove to be more appealing than their current practices.
  2. Automated processes
    The development of a tool that handles the workflow of the disposition process.

Actions Taken

Best practices and education

  • Collecting regional discard procedures
    • Web links to procedures
    • Procedures to download
  • Presented best practices and legal requirements at a Fall Council session (10/2009).
  • Conducted an OPAL session based upon the Fall Conference presentation (12/2009).

Automated processes

  • Created a forum on the FDLP Community site for discussion of the requirements for an automated tool (7/2009)
  • Solicited input for requirements for an automated tool at a Fall Council session (10/2009)
  • Conducted an OPAL session, based upon the Fall Conference presentation (12/2009)
  • Released Concept of Operations (ConOps) draft document (4/2010)

Joint presentations for best practices and soliciting for feedback for automated tool:

  • Fall 2009 Council Session Presentation: The Future Opportunities of Disposal and Discard in the Depository Program
    • Slides
    • Transcript of Presentation
  • FDLP Community Forum: Disposition of Depository Materials

Automated Tool Project Documentation