Customer Relations Program: Segmentation & Needs Assessment

In FY2009, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) developed and implemented a formal Customer Relations Program (CRP) for Federal depository libraries.

The CRP allows GPO to better serve depository library needs based upon unique characteristics (e.g., library segment) and data analysis. It also allows GPO to monitor and document its business operations to ensure the agency is supplying good customer care, responding to mission requirements, and requesting performance feedback from depository libraries.

Developing such a program is consistent with GPO’s and the FDLP’s strategic planning for the future. The program will also help GPO's aims to strengthen collaborative relationships with depository libraries.

The goals of the CRP are:

  • Identify needed improvements in services for and communication with Federal depository libraries, address identified needs, and use quantitative metrics for success measures.
  • Identify, report, and address needed improvements in business processes that support services provided to Federal depository libraries.

Actions Taken

GPO contracted with Outsell, Inc. to develop and administer data gathering for these activities:

  • Depository Library User Survey (October 18, 2010 – March 4, 2011)

    In its efforts to address the value of FDLP membership and to determine baseline outcomes-based performance measures, GPO, working with Outsell, Inc. and the Depository Library Council, developed a survey for depository library users. The survey garnered over 3,300 responses from users of nearly 550 depository libraries, yielding a 95% confidence level ±1.7%. Submissions were well distributed both geographically and across different library types. The final report conveys the overall survey results and compares results by library segment and by selective and regional designations:

    Outsell generated Individual library reports conveying the results of the depository library user survey. The reports contain charts that compare the library’s results with the aggregated results for its state or territory, library sector, and for all libraries. Any comments made by users are included. Though not all depository libraries had users who participated in the survey, all libraries have a report available to them. If your library had no respondents, the report conveys aggregated results for your state or territory and for all libraries.

    The survey instrument was available in the askGPO Knowledge Base.