Define Criteria for Disposal Prior to a 5 Year Retention

In 2004, the Superintendent of Documents convened the Ad Hoc Committee to Define Criteria for Disposal Prior to a 5 Year Retention. The Committee's charge was to develop guidelines that would support implementation of a proposed amendments to the 44 USC 1911 and 1912. If Congress enacted the legislative change, it would remove the mandate for selective depository libraries to retain all tangible depository items for a minimum of 5 years. The Committee prepared the guidelines in the event of the amendment's passage, to define criteria for the disposition of materials prior to the 5-year requirement.

Although the amendments did not pass, the Superintendent of Documents is using the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee in a review of changes she could make within the current statutory limitations.

The following are documents that were released by the Ad Hoc Committee: