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FDLP eXchange Background

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The FDLP eXchange replaces and expands upon the former national Needs & Offers. The goal was to build an application that libraries in the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) could use as a one-stop-shop for the entire needs and offers process. FDLP eXchange automates disposition processing by allowing libraries to enter information on materials they want to discard and to have the process managed by an automated workflow. The application also allows libraries to enter information on materials needed for their collections or digitization efforts.

The user-friendly design includes an easy-to-use interface as well as many convenient features. This includes options to manually enter records or upload lists from a library’s catalog, and the entire site is mobile ready. The automated workflow moves offers through the process of offering materials first to the library’s regional depository, then to other selectives in the same region, then to libraries across the country. A matching function matches one library’s offers with other libraries’ needs and provides notification to both libraries when there is a match. The in-site communication tool allows libraries to communicate within the application through an interface that allows colleagues to collaborate on requests placed with other libraries.

FDLP eXchange Production Site

The FDLP eXchange production site is now live. In regions that have adopted the application as part of their disposition process, selective depositories can enter offers for review by their regional depositories. When the regional has completed their review, unneeded materials move on to review by other selectives in the region. Materials not claimed by the regional or other selectives in the region move on to be offered nationally if the library has chosen to offer materials outside their region. All libraries can post needs and receive notification when their need matches another library’s offer.

Libraries in regions that have not adopted FDLP eXchange for their disposition process may still use FDLP eXchange to offer materials nationally after they have been offered within their region and remain unclaimed. These libraries may also post needs to receive notification when their need matches another library’s offer.

FDLP eXchange Training Site

In October 2017 GPO launched a training version of FDLP eXchange to provide libraries with a sandbox where they could test the application and learn how to use it. With the launch of the production site, the FDLP eXchange training site has moved to a new URL where FDLP library staff may continue to try out the application. Automated redirects will be in place for a limited time to route users to the updated site. GPO recommends updating bookmarks and links in any materials libraries may have pointing to the previous version of the training site.

The training site also gives regionals an opportunity to test the application within their regions and to determine their own procedures if they choose to use the application as part of the disposition process. The training site has full functionality – with the exception of email notifications.

Selective depositories should continue to follow guidance from their regionals. Consult your regional depository library coordinator if you have questions.

Users should remember that records in the training site are test records. Offers of materials that are actually being processed for discard should be offered in the production site. Likewise, needs that libraries are actually trying to fill should be entered on the production site. 

FDLP eXchange Project Timeline

  • Contract issued to Confluence, Corp.: September 2015
  • Discovery phase completed: December 2015
  • Initial site design completed: April 2016
  • Initial development completed: July 2016
  • GPO internal tested completed: August 2016
  • Beta test completed: September 2016
  • Additional development: throughout Spring 2017
  • Sunset of the national Needs & Offers service: June 1, 2017
  • Launch of FDLP eXchange training and educational resources: June 1, 2017
  • Launch of the FDLP eXchange Training Site: October 2017
  • Launch of FDLP eXchange Production Site: June 2018

Benefits of the FDLP eXchange

The FDLP eXchange boasts many benefits for regional and selective depository libraries. Download the benefits document to share with library administrators, directors, and staff.

Next Steps

Regionals will want to take some steps to ensure that FDLP eXchange is set up correctly for their region, whether or not they plan to adopt the application as the primary discard process in their region. Review the checklist here.

Selectives will also want to take some steps to ensure that FDLP eXchange is set up correctly for their library, whether your region is adopting the application for its discard process or not. Review the checklist here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download FDLP eXchange Frequently Asked Questions.

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