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Due to the nature of the Superintendent of Documents Classification scheme, it has been difficult for LSCM to provide access to Federal government information based on subject matter. However, librarians and users typically search for information based on subjects rather than government agency authorship. Many have also expressed an interest in having LSCM provide a subject-based method for selecting depository materials.

Library guides are a tool commonly used by libraries to provide users with lists of resources on particular topics. Providing Federal Depository Library partners with guides created by LSCM would be a valuable service to the community.

The project team selected Springshare’s LibGuides as the tool to provide this service.

A very limited pilot for FDLP LibGuides was conducted using nine volunteers from academic and tribal libraries in the FDLP, and a project team from LSCM.

The project ran for eight weeks, with feedback accepted throughout that time. A questionnaire was sent out at the end of the pilot. Eight out of nine volunteers responded to that survey.

Survey results were affirmative overall. Volunteers reacted positively to most aspects of the pilot, but also provided recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

An extended and expanded pilot, open to the entire FDLP community, will run from October 2017 through September 2019. At that time, the service will be re-evaluated to determine whether or not it will continue.

Next Steps

Metrics will be collected during the extended pilot to measure both submissions and use. The metrics will be measured across time during this two year period, with particular attention paid to changes in use immediately following promotion of the tool. This will allow us to not only determine whether the service is wanted, but also the best ways to promote it.


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