Shipping List Dates

  • Last Updated: December 22, 2021
  • Published: February 27, 2020

Shipping List Dates

Because five-year retention of materials is a core rule of the FDLP, we originally made shipping date a required field in FDLP eXchange.

However, we soon learned that this requirement might place too much of a burden on our users. In many cases, especially on very old documents, shipping dates are not always readily available. The requirement has also caused problems with regional-approved electronic substitution, supersession, and offering duplicate copies.

We have been able to remove the requirement in some input procedures but not others. Removing the requirement from the remaining input procedures is on our list for potential future development.

In the meantime, we have come a few solutions to mediate any issues you might have.

  1. When MANUALLY inputting offers, “Shipping List Date” is no longer required (as indicated by the lack of an asterisk.) If you prefer to do so, you can click “Item doesn’t have a date” here.manuallyinputoffers
  2. When uploading a Spreadsheet, use “01/01/0000” as the Shipping Date for any items you do not have a shipping date for.

If you have any questions about shipping dates, or continue to have problems after using these work-arounds, contact [email protected] for further assistance.