Archiving & Cataloging Federal Agency Web Sites - GPO's Web Archiving Project

  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • Date Recorded: May 16, 2014


  • Fang Gao, Supervisory Librarian (Cataloging), U.S. GPO
  • Liselle Drake, Librarian (Cataloger), U.S. GPO


Have you or your patrons ever been frustrated by the loss of a sought-after resource on a Government Web site because of the site’s ever-changing nature? Have you noticed that the FDLP collection now includes archived Web sites of Federal Government agencies? Viewers will learn about how GPO archives and describes Web content and how to search for and interpret bibliographic records created for the Web Archiving Project. Expect to encounter some not-so-well-known Government gems along the way!

Special note: The digital archive referred to as “FDsys” since has been renamed “govinfo.”

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