Discovering the Specialized Information Centers of the National Agricultural Library

  • Duration: 54 minutes
  • Date Recorded: April 06, 2021


Title: Discovering the Specialized Information Centers of the National Agricultural Library


  • Stephanie Ritchie, Lead Librarian for Customer Service, National Agricultural Library
  • Patrice Armstrong, Supervisory Technical Information Specialist, National Agricultural Library, Information and Customer Services Branch
  • Tanya Tanner, Technical Information Specialist, Customer Service Unit, National Agricultural Library


The NAL plays a unique role in serving as a source of Government information across food, agriculture, and related disciplines. Several Information Centers within NAL work together to provide expertise to connect the public, as well as some special audiences, to content covering nutrition, food safety, animal welfare, rural communities, water and natural resources, invasive species, sustainable farming systems, agricultural law, and more.

Attendees will:

    • Discover the experts, services, and resources from the Information Centers of the NAL.
    • Build awareness of digital collections and exhibits that feature historic or notable food and agriculture content.
    • Learn how to connect to NAL services and communications to locate information and stay informed.

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