FDLP Depository Operation Training Series

  • Duration:
  • Date Recorded: August 24, 2022


Title: FDLP Depository Operation Training Series

Date Recorded: August, 2022


The following recorded webcasts are intended to educate Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Coordinators on how manage their depository collections in compliance with the Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program.

The webcasts were derived out of the training curriculum found in the FDLP Coordinator Certificate Program, whose demand exceeded openings. LSCM staff have created eight recorded webcasts mirroring each of the eight classes of the Certificate Program. These webcasts are recordings only and do not include any class participation, discussions, quizzes, weekly readings, and writing assignments that are normally part of the Certificate Program.

The recordings may be viewed at any time. Viewers may opt to view only the recordings of interest to them, but are encouraged to watch the recordings in order, so they may benefit from how the classes build off of each other.


Introduction to the FDLP and GPO [17 minutes - Presentation slides]

Legal Requirements and Regulations [13 minutes - Presentation slides]

What’s in the Box? [28 minutes - Presentation slides]

Depository Collection Management [22 minutes - Presentation slides]

Public Access [31 minutes - Presentation slides]

Cataloging and Bibliographic Control [32 minutes - Presentation slides]

Regional Depository Libraries [33 minutes - Presentation slides]

Promotion, Responsibilities, and Trends [13 minutes - Presentation slides]

Please note that no certificate of completion is awarded for viewers who watch all the recorded webcasts.