In the Midst of Mega Misinformation: Government Information Is Still Reliable

  • Duration: 59 minutes
  • Date Recorded: October 28, 2021


  • Jane Canfield, Coordinator of Federal Documents, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


Are you working with users who are misinformed on a variety of today’s major issues from vaccine safety to whether man ever actually landed on the moon? This webinar presents information on misinformation and disinformation, its sources, why it’s dangerous, and how to help your users identify it. Reliable Government science sources for presenting alternatives to misinformation are also covered, including the CDC,,, and PubMed. Other non-science sources of reliable information such as the Census Bureau and the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) are also covered. Join us to learn more about misinformation and its friend, disinformation, and how to continue using Government information to help your library be a center for reliable information.

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