Redesigning an Academic Library Website: Process and Lessons Learned

  • Duration: 56 minutes
  • Date Recorded: May 25, 2023


  • Lindsey Wharton, Florida State University Libraries, Extended Campus & Distance Services Librarian
  • Jessica Barmon, Florida State University Libraries, Web Services Librarian
  • Mason Hall, Florida State University Libraries, UX Librarian
  • Favenzio Calvo, Florida State University Libraries, Director of Software Development


This webinar is aimed at helping attendees understand best practices for a library website redesign through iterative gathering of feedback, user testing, content review, and rethinking structure to produce a high-impact, user-friendly website. The presenters will demonstrate how attendees can analyze their current websites for potential improvements as well as opportunities for gathering information from internal and external users to support data-driven website design and organization. The presenters will also identify strategies attendees can use for collaborating with stakeholders and interpreting varying needs to develop and implement a shared website vision.

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