Separation of Church and State: What Does the Government Publish About Religion?

  • Duration: 58 minutes
  • Date Recorded: December 06, 2022


  • Jane Canfield, Coordinator of Federal Documents, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


Many of my users believe that the U.S. Government does not publish any information about religion because of a mistaken understanding of the idea of separation of church and state. This webinar will explore the constitutional concepts of separation of church and state and freedom of religion, providing definitions of the ideas from a variety of resources. Search strategies for finding publications on religion in Government sources will be provided and discussed. Government sources as varied as the Library of Congress, Voice of America, the State Department, and PubMed, among others, provide information on religion and its influence in the U.S. The webinar will also offer a look at some select and interesting individual publications on religion. Join us for a tour of the fascinating sources on religion in the United States.

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