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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record number Created Last Modified
Fair Change Act…RPT…RPT. 116-33… Y 1.1/8:116-33 1008-D 2020-0122-M WH Typo on sudoc and fiche header.
SuDoc number on the fiche header and shipping list is incorrect.
Y 1.1/8:116-33 should be Y 1.1/5:116-33. There is also a typo on the fiche header, "Fair Change Act" should be "Fair Chance Act". Please update depository records accordingly

1181788 2022-08-05 2022-08-05
Stages and Discharges of the Mississippi River and Tributaries and Other Watersheds in the New Orleans District, 1977 (MF) D 103.2:M 69/7/977 0337 (MF) 16,382-M CC Change class to: D 103.45/4:977 and item no. to: 0334-A-26 (MF). 1181787 2022-08-05 2022-08-05
White Sands National Park, Native Plants of The Northern Chihuahuan Desert, White Sands National Park, 2022 I 29.2:C 43/8/2022 0651 2022-0170-P CC Distributed under the wrong item no. Copies will be sent to libraries who select 0648 but did not receive original distribution. 1181786 2022-08-03 2022-08-03
Preliminary Inventory of Hydropower Resources : Pacific Southwest Region (MF) D 103.2:H 99/7/V.2 CC SuDoc number error on microfiche header. The correct SuDoc number is D 103.2:H 99/8/V.2 1181783 2022-08-02 2022-08-02
Preliminary Inventory of Hydropower Resources : Mid-Continent Region (MF) D 103.2:H 99/7/V.3 CC SuDoc number error on microfiche header. The correct SuDoc number is D 103.2:H 99/8/V.3 1181784 2022-08-02 2022-08-02
The U.S Army Before Vietnam : 1953-1965 (P) D 114.2:V 67/5 0344 2015-0354-P CC Change class to: D 114.7/5-3:V 67/5 and Item No. to 0344-G-10. 1181785 2022-08-02 2022-08-02
U.S. Role and Strategy in the Middle East Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.116-810 1039-B 2022-0060-M CC Typo in sudoc class on shipping list. Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.116-810 should be Y 4.F 76/2:S.HRG.114-810 1181782 2022-08-01 2022-08-02
Assessing the Department of Homeland Security's Efforts to Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (P) Y 4.H 75:117-40 1018-C 2022-0227-P CC Change Sudoc to Y 4.H 75:117-49 1181781 2022-07-22 2022-07-25
Aerial Incursion Repercussion Safety,...Rpt... Rpt. 116-606, Part 1 (P) Y 1.1/8:116-606/PT.1 1008-D 2022-0046-M WH Publication Y 1.1/8:116-606/PT.1, Aerial Incursion Repercussion Safety Act of 2020,..., was shipped with shipping list 2022-0046-M. It should have been included but was inadvertently left off the shipping list. 1181780 2022-07-21 2022-07-21
National Report on Large Whale Entanglements Confirmed in the United States in ... (annual) (EL) C 55.365: 0609-C-36 UN New class and item no. Libraries selecting 0609-C-01 will have 0609-C-36 added to their item selection profile. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo184707 1181779 2022-07-21 2022-07-21