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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record number Created Last Modified
Broad Agency Announcement (annual) (P) D 104.6/2:M 46/3 0351-C 1989-0778-P CC Incorrect class on shipping list. Change class to: D 104.6/2:An 7/988 1173684 2022-06-21 2022-06-22
Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications (Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Senate)) (MF) Y 4.SM 1/2: 1049-K UM Ceased in MF format. To receive in paper format, please select 1049-J.
1173685 2022-06-22 2022-06-22
Investigating Challenges to American Retirement Security, Senate Hearing 116-524, December 9, 2020 (P) Y 4.F 49:S.HRG.116-524 1018-A 2022-0112-P CC Change Item number to 1038-A. 1173658 2022-05-11 2022-06-16
First State National Historical Park, Delaware/Pennsylvania (P) I 29.88/6:F 51/ 0651 2022-0157-P CC Change item no. to: 0651-B-13. 1173665 2022-05-24 2022-06-16
Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota, 2021 (P) I 29.21:P 66/2021 0650 2022-0048-P CC Change class to I 29.21:P 661/2021. 1173668 2022-05-31 2022-06-16
Salem Church Reservoir, Rappanhannock River, Virginia: Letter from the Secretary of the Army Transmitting ... (P) D 103.2:SA 3 0334-A CC Change class to: D 103.22:SA 3/7 1173662 2022-05-13 2022-06-16
Pacific Crest Trail, National Scenic Trail, Mexico to Canada, 2021 (P) A 13.36/2-6:P 11/2021 0086-C-05 CC Change SuDoc to A 13.13:P 11/5/2021 and Item number to 0085. 1173669 2022-06-01 2022-06-16
Drug Pricing in America (MF) Y 1.1/5: 116-267 1008-D 2020-0156-M WH Incorrect sudoc on microfiche header. Y 1.1/5:116-267 should be Y 4.F 49:S. HRG. 116-267 1173671 2022-06-08 2022-06-16
Defending Against Future Cyber Attacks,... Hrg... Serial No. 116-79… (P) Y 4.H 75:116-79 1018-C 2022-0020-M CC Incorrect item number: Y 4.H 75:116-79 should have item# as 1018-D instead of 1018-C 1173672 2022-06-09 2022-06-16
Examining The National Response To The Worsening Coronavirus Pandemic (P) Y 4.H 75:116-80 1018-C 2022-0020-M CC Incorrect item number on pub: Y 4.H 75:116-80: Examining The National Response To The Worsening Coronavirus... Should be item 1018-D instead of 1018-C 1173673 2022-06-09 2022-06-16