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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record number Created Last Modified
Congressional Record... Proceedings and Debates of the 114TH Cong., 2nd Session... Volume 162-Part 7 X 1.1:114/2-162/PT.7 0993-A 2022-008-M WH Item number 0993-A is missing from item No. column of shipping list

A corrected version will be uploaded to the FDLP website
1193181 2022-11-18 2022-11-21
U.S. Congressional Serial Set. 113th Congress 2nd session, Senate Document No. 24 Y 1.1/10:113-2/ADD. 2 1008-D 2020-0156-M WH U.S. Congressional Serial Set. 113th Congress 2nd session, Senate Document No. 24 was produced in error. The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is no longer produced in microfiche but remains available in print and online formats 1193182 2022-11-18 2022-11-21
Civil Service Reform (P) GA 1.2:C 49 CC Change class to: GA 1.16:C 49 1193183 2022-11-21 2022-11-21
Public Welfare Part 1200-END AE 2.106/3:45/PT.1200-END/2020 0572-C 2022-0022-M WH Duplicate copies of AE 2.106/3:45/PT.1200-END/2020 were distributed on both 2022-0022-M and 2022-0036-M. Libraries should retain the second copy and place the first copy on the needs and offers list or recycle. 1193178 2022-11-15 2022-11-16
Senate Print 117-16, Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, August 2021 (P) Y 4.B 85/2:S.PRT.117-16 1035-A-01 2021-0250-P CC Item number change from 1008-C-02 to 1035-A-01 576989 2022-11-15 2022-11-16
Research Grants (P) D 214.2:R 31 0383 91-125-P CC Change class to: D 214.2:R 31/7. 1193179 2022-11-16 2022-11-16
Adventures in Leadership : a Text for U.S. Marine Corps Junior ROTC (P) D 214.2:R 31/4 0383 CC Change class to: D 214.2:L 46/3. 1193180 2022-11-16 2022-11-16
Motor Vehicle Use Map Umatilla National Forest, North Fork John Day RD, Maps 8 And 9, Oregon - Washington Valid Through March 31, 2022, Printed March 2019 A 13.28:UM 1/7/2019/MAPS 8&9 0080-G 2021-0139-P CC Change class to: A 13.28:UM 1/7/2021/MAPS 8&9. Incorrect printing date on shipping list. Printing date should be: Printed March 2021.

1193177 2022-11-15 2022-11-16
Semiannual Report to Congress (Pandemic Response Accountability Committee) (EL) PREX 2.36/4: 0854-A-22 UN New class and item no. Libraries selecting 0854-A-05 will have 0854-A-22 added to their item selection profile. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo188778 1193176 2022-11-09 2022-11-09
1977 Census of Retail Trade : Geographic Area Series, District of Columbia (P) C 3.255/2:RC 77-A-9 0660 UM Correct item no. to: 0132-A-10. 1193174 2022-11-08 2022-11-08