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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record number Created Last Modified
Passenger Travel Planner (MF) D 301.2:AI 7/37 0424 (MF) 1994-0744-M CC Publication distributed in error. Change class to: D 301.56/6:993/10 1193162 2022-10-31 2022-10-31
Technical Digest : Joint and National Needs (P) D 211.2:T 22/2 0412 2004-0031-P CC Change class to: D 201.21/8:2002. Change item number to: 0370-D-01 1193163 2022-10-31 2022-10-31
Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge (P) I 49.44/2:F 77 N/3 0612-C 2011-0270-P. CC Change class to: I 49.44/2:F 77 N/ 1193161 2022-10-28 2022-10-31
North Pacific Observer Program ... Annual Report (annual) (EL) C 55.301/4: 0609-C-39 UN New class and item no. Libraries selecting 0609-C-24 will have 0609-C-39 added to their item selection profile. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo184602 1193160 2022-10-25 2022-10-31
The White House Fall Garden Tour, 2020 (P) I 29.2:W 58/12/2020 0648 2021-0019-P CC Change class to: I 29.2:W 58/12/2020/FALL 1193158 2022-10-25 2022-10-25
The White House Spring Garden Tour, 2022 (P) I 29.2:W 58/12/2022 0648 2022-0157-P CC Change class to: I 29.2:W 58/12/2022/SPRING 1193159 2022-10-25 2022-10-25
Opioid Overdose (EL) HE 20.7959/2: 0494-N-05 UM Changed title to: Drug Overdose 1193157 2022-10-25 2022-10-25
WISQARS : Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (EL) HE 20.7959/4: 0494-N-07 UN New class and item no. Libraries selecting 0494-N will have 0494-N-07 added to their item selection profile. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo187955 1193156 2022-10-25 2022-10-25
Fruita Area Map and Guide, 2021 (P) I 29.8:F 94/2021 0651 2022-0032-S CC Shipping list had a typo; SuDoc class was corrected to: I 29.6:F 94/2021 (8/12/2022). Class later changed to: I 29.8:C 17/8/2021. Change item no. to: 0651-A. (9/22/2022). Libraries selecting 0651-A who did not receive the original distribution may claim (10/24/2022). 1193142 2022-09-22 2022-10-24
Chart Supplement Pacific (P) TD 4.79/3: 0982-L-15 UM Cancel class and item no. No longer distributed to depository libraries in print format as of 2019. For EL version see, TD 4.79: and item no. 0982-L-13. PURL: https://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo20801 1193155 2022-10-24 2022-10-24