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Title SuDoc No. Item No. Shipping List No. Category Notes Record No. Created Last Modified
WTEC Panel on Research Submersibles and Undersea Technologies Final Report (MF) NAS 1.26:198545 0830-H-14 95-0750-M CC Change class to: NAS 1.26:198565 1233034
Shipping List Number 2024-0024-P n/a n/a 2024-0024-P WH Typo on shipping list date : 12/26/24 should be 12/26/23

Correct copy available at fdlp.gov
Shipping List Number 2024-0050-P n/a n/a 2024-0050-P WH Incorrect shipping list date : 12/15/24 should be 12/15/23

Correct copy available at fdlp.gov
Shipping List Number 2024-0053-P n/a n/a 2024-0053-P WH Incorrect date on shipping list : 12/18/24 should be 12/18/23

Correct copy available at fdlp.gov
Shipping List Number 2024-0054-P n/a n/a 2024-0054-P WH Incorrect date on shipping list : 12/19/24 should be 12/19/23

Correct copy available at fdlp.gov
National Toxicology Program, Technical Report Series (MF/EL) HE 20.3564: 0507-P-08 UM Reactivate class and item no. Format changed to EL-only. Libraries selecting 0507-P-06 will have 0507-P-08 added to their item selection profile. Individual titles will be assigned PURLs. 1233029
Climate-related Economic Risks and Their Costs to the Federal Budget and Global Economy (P) Y 4.B 85/2:S.HRG.118-008 1035-A-01 2024-0029-P CC Change Sudoc number to Y 4.B 85/2:S.HRG.118-8 1233023
The President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Proposal (P) Y 4.B 85/2:S.HRG.118-012 1035-A-01 2024-0030-P CC Change Sudoc to Y 4.B 85/2:S.HRG.118-12 1233024
Research Strategy for Enhancing Sustainable Recreation and Tourism on Public Lands: Igniting the Science of Outdoor Recreation (ISOR) Working Group (P) A 13.88:PNW-991 CC Change class to: A 13.88:PNW-GTR-991. 1233025
Planning Workshops to Develop Recommendations for a Ground Water Protection Strategy Appendices (P) EP 1.2:W 29/56 0431-I-1 CC Change class to EP 1.2:W 89/7/APPENDICES