Bibliographic Records for NIST Publications on GitHub Repository

Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) is making available, free of charge, bibliographic records for the online versions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publications on the CGP on GitHub repository. GitHub is a web-based computer source code sharing and publishing service. A GitHub account is not required for downloading the record sets.

The NIST records were ingested into FDsys, now govinfo, in 2016. LSCM will release groups of records organized by monographic series and Superintendent of Documents classification (SuDoc) stems. The entire NIST Collection contains nearly 10,000 records in 13 series/SuDoc stems.

The first record sets, posted in March 2019, consist of 2,458 records in four series:

SuDoc No. Title Other Title(s) Item No. Dates No. of Records .MRC File Size (KB)
C 13.2: NIST National Construction Safety Team Act Reports NIST NCSTAR 0244 2005-2014 9 19.4 KB
C 13.11: NIST Handbooks   245 2012-2016 11 .32.0 KB
C 13.38: NBS report    Not available 1947-1972 979 1,627.1 KB
C 13.58: NISTIR NIST Interagency or Internal Reports 0247-D 1988-2016 1,443 7,752.7KB

The records are also available in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) and may be retrieved by this search in expert mode: wlts=Nist-1

The titles in the NIST Collection were published between 1903 and 2016. The documents cover a wide range of technical and scientific topics. LSCM staff reviewed and analyzed the records and enhanced the metadata through batch processes. In many of the records, NIST index terms in MARC 653 fields describe the content at a more granular level.

LSCM is testing this new distribution plan of offering record sets only on the CGP on GitHub repository. The records will not be included in the monthly GitHub record sets or in the Cataloging Record Distribution Program.

To download the record sets, follow the instructions available on the Sources of GPO Cataloging Records page on Alternatively, watch a 3 minute tutorial Free Catalog Records through CGP on GitHub. Please send us your feedback on the records and this distribution method through under the category, Federal Depository Libraries, and the subcategory, Cataloging.