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Shipping List Dates

Shipping List Dates Because five-year retention of materials is a core rule of the FDLP, we originally made shipping date a required field in FDLP eXchange. However, we soon learned that this requirement might place too much of a burden on our users. In many cases, especially on very old documents, shipping dates are not always readily available. The requirement has also caused problems with regional-approved electronic substitution, supersession, and offering dupl...
eXchange Tip

"Posted" Dates

"Posted" Dates Every record in FDLP eXchange contains a “Posted” date as seen here. When viewing a match, it is important to remember that there are two records involved: one library’s need and another library’s offer. If your library posted the need, the “Posted” date you will see is the date your need was posted. For the same match, the library that posted the offer will see the date the offer was posted. Assuming that the need and the offer were posted on di...
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