Moving Your FDL Collection

  • Last Updated: January 14, 2022
  • Published: September 12, 2014

Libraries are looking for guidance on how best to accommodate and balance the combined needs of their institution and their Federal depository collections. When moving a FDL collection, libraries should evaluate and consider the impact on their depository users.  This includes ensuring continued access to the collection and using good communication to inform users about the move, location, and disposition of the depository material.  Additionally, libraries should consult with GPO in the event of a significant collection move in order to discuss the various factors involved in moving depository collections.

Please note that every situation is unique. This guidance article should be used as a starting point and not as a definitive guide. Some libraries will have additional considerations; others will have far fewer then are listed in the checklists. Please call GPO LSCM Office of Outreach and Support for a consultation on your library’s unique situation.

When there is a disruption in services due to a building renovation, temporary collection move, or other disruption in service

All Federal depository libraries are required to ensure continued public access to the depository collection, including both tangible and online materials. When depository libraries undergo planned remodelling, undertake a significant move, or otherwise find their public service operations disrupted for an extended period of time, library staff are required to submit a contingency plan to the GPO’s LSCM Office of Outreach & Support. A contingency plan outlines how the library staff will provide access to depository services and collections for all library users, including the general public, during the period of disruption. A contingency plan should be submitted prior to the disruption. A checklist is available to assist you with submitting a contingency plan to GPO.

After the contingency plan is written, please submit copies of the plan to the Office of Outreach & Support (O&S) and to your regional library. GPO staff may contact you with further questions or revisions. In addition, please notify O&S and the regional depository at any time of any changes in the original plan, e.g., if the expected dates or timelines are altered.

When permanently moving your depository collection to a new location

When moving your depository collection to a new location, e.g., offsite storage, remote housing facilities, etc., your library will need to plan for the move itself, as well as consider what changes in services or public access will result. If the collection move will significantly impact access to or services for the depository collection in the short or long term, a contingency plan is needed. A checklist of things to consider when doing a permanent move is available.

For more information about placement of materials in offsite storage, see “Best Practices for Storing and Retrieving Depository Materials in On-site and Off-site Storage”.

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