Special Selection Offers

Until 2014, Federal depository libraries were required to select two depository item numbers, under which publications of critical importance were distributed to all libraries in the FDLP. In order to support libraries that wished to transition to “all digital,” and no longer receive any tangible material, the two mandatory item numbers were discontinued. At this time, LSCM also transitioned publications related to depository and collection management to digital format.

In 2019 LSCM initiated the Special Selection Offer process, as a means of allowing libraries that do not select the item number for a significant specific publication to have a one-time opportunity to request and receive an individual title in tangible format. The special selection becomes part of the library’s depository collection, and is subject to regular FDLP retention rules. The first Special Selection Offer title was the Mueller Report.

Special Selection Offers are intended to be an option for libraries to use mechanisms other than item selection to build collections of U.S. Government publications for patrons and community access.

This page lists all current and past Special Selection Offers. Please contact [email protected] with any questions about Special Selection Offers, or to provide feedback on this new collection development option.

Current Offers

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Past Offers