Digital FDLP Implementation

What you need to know:

  • It was the consensus of the Task Force that the FDLP can, and should, move to a digital program.
  • GPO is designing a phased approach for implementation, as there are a number of significant societal, technical, and legislative matters that require stakeholder engagement and thoughtful consideration. We intend to work with outside change management consultants to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • In consultation with our partners, GPO is evaluating and prioritizing key activities in progress for FY23 or scheduled for FY24 and mapping them to the Task Force recommendations.
  • Tangible holdings in depository libraries remain an important part of the National Collection.There are no changes to existing FDLP rules and guidance regarding the weeding of paper, microfiche, or other tangible formats from FDLP collections at this time. Information about weeding FDLP collections may be found in Weeding a Depository Collection. Learn more.

What to expect:

  • The FDLP Community can expect changes to operations in GPO’s Library Services & Content Management (LSCM) that focus on a digital first approach to service.
  • LSCM will communicate its progress and keep the FDLP community apprised of changes as they prepare for a new model for the Program.
  • The Task Force recommendations impact all LSCM operations. Many of the recommendations are already in progress in LSCM and require only expanding or improving upon tasks and projects underway. Other recommendations will take significant investigation, evaluation, assessment, and planning to implement and operationalize.
  • Depository libraries will continue to receive shipments of tangible materials at present.

What's in progress:

Action Status Notes
Develop a staffing plan to support implementation and change management within LSCM Planning  
Examine current workflows and processes and determine what needs to be transformed to create a primarily digital content and services organization In Progress This will also be incorporated in the implementation plans
Develop a strategic plan and service framework for the National Collection Service Areas In Progress  
Develop a comprehensive preservation plan for both tangible and digital resources of the National Collection of U.S. Government Public Information Planning Following project plan outlining requirements and scope, LSCM will solicit feedback from the FDLP community
Continue to seek and obtain feedback and comments on the next generation CGP Planning Process will include FDL focus groups on government information ecosystem
Foster program partnerships with depository libraries Planning We will investigate new outreach approaches to increase FDL particiation in partnerships and models for mentorship, building communitiies of practice and networking for FDLs
Develop and implement an outreach strategy for Federal agencies In Progress  
Develop a multi-year strategy to secure and expand appropriations funding In Progress  
Develop flexible, custom metadata, which is needed for discovery and access, and investigate new options for delivery of metadata and bibliographic records Planning Conduct analysis of user needs for types and kinds of metadata
Increase efforts to digitize, and ingest into GovInfo, at risk titles from the historical tangible collections in depository libraries In Progress  
Add the holdings of regional depository libraries to the CGP Planning  
Maintain ISO 16363 Trustworthy Digital Repository recertification for GovInfo In Progress Engage in surveillance audit and address findings to prepare for recertification process in 2025.
Develop a strategy and standard operating procedures for managing at-risk depository library collections In Progress  
Evaluate LSCM web harvesting activity, and recommend strategies to improve the capture of born digital Federal agency content Planning  
Seek CoreTrustSeal certification for GovInfo In Progress Certification paperwork submitted
Investigate the print-on-demand landscape and provide options for delivery of this service In Progress White paper started. Consult with experts in the publishing, library, government documents, FDLP, and GPO communities; survey FDL community to investigate other alternatives to traditional selection, acquisition, and distribution
Explore and test non-print centric content for ingest into GovInfo In Progress Ex: eBook, Audio-Visual, Interactive Digital Objects, Datasets, Websites
Share records after conducting CGP bibliographic record comparisons with the catalogs of depository libraries In Progress Test sample set (UVA/CGP) being evaluated.  Share finding and develop next steps and approach for simliar actions.  Plan to include: develop and procure tools and processes to analyze, evaluate, and update records and specific metadata elements in records, especially access points
Conduct a collection and bibliographic assessment pilot to determine if user needs are met by the depository library collection Planning  
Create a new division in the LSCM organization to manage the lifecycle of the National Collection's tangible publications, which is to include digital imaging and collection services to depository libraries On Hold  
Identify and prioritize the creation of new positions within LSCM while evaluating existing position vacancies Planning Pending review of LSCM BU organization as a whole. Review would: Identify key certifications, essential training, and skill gaps and develop plan for workforce training and budgeting
Explore the feasibility of implementing additional formats for downloading publications from GovInfo (ex: eBook formats) On Hold  
Investigate how LSCM can better support the relocation of depository materials to Federal depository libraries In Progress  
Digitize the complete set of FDLP microfiche distributed to depositories from one of the silver-halide master collections. On Hold Complicated by de-duplicating large serials already scanned, e.g. Federal Register
Conduct a study to determine the condition, holdings, and feasibility of the Superintendent of Documents' Public Documents Library serving as a collection of record for the National Collection Planning Preliminary assessment; further work on hold
Continue to provide opportunities that foster no-fee access to Federal Government information In Progress Continuing our support of efforts that increase broadband to underserved communities, GPO is hosting a webinar on May 8th with the FCC on the Affordable Connectivity Program which helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more.
Explore public access requirements and consultation models with Depository Libraries Planning  
Improve contact with agency publishers beyond receiving printing orders. Discussions about how best to distribute their information to the public will be part of this outreach. Planning  
Develop a system to link to agency repository content via the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) rather than continue to catalog agency publications that reside in the agencies’ repositories. Planning Currently exploring this with first agency repository partner
Build on the GPO legislative proposals from 2022 to modernize the FDLP. Complete GPO sent updated proposals to Title 44 to Congress in March 2023



In response to a recommendation from the Depository Library Council (DLC), GPO Director Hugh Halpern established a Task Force to study the feasibility of a digital FDLP. The 23-member Task Force had representation from the DLC, the depository library community, and Federal agencies.

In 2022, the Task Force delivered a report to Director Halpern entitled Feasibility of a Digital Federal Depository Library Program: Report of the GPO Director’s Task Force.

Director Halpern accepted the Task Force recommendations, with few exceptions, and responded with how the GPO plans to implement a digital FDLP.

Questions & feedback:

For comments and questions about this process, please visit askGPO.