Regional Discard

Superintendent of Documents Public Policy Statement (SOD-PPS 2022-2), Government Publications Authorized for Discard by Regional Depository Libraries, permits regional depository libraries to request permission from the Superintendent of Documents to discard select eligible titles.

Basic Requirements for Regional Discard

  • Publication eligibility requirements:
    • An equivalent version is accessible from GovInfo, from a Digital Preservation Steward repository, or from a Federal agency trustworthy digital repository.
    • Held by the regional for at least five years.
    • A Preservation Steward agreement for the print title exists in the regional’s National Collection Service Area (NCSA).
  • In compliance with all agreements deposited with the Superintendent of Documents (e.g. shared housing agreements, shared regional agreements).
  • Authorization to discard specified titles is received from the Superintendent of Documents.

Submit a Request for Approval to Discard

  1. Download the Eligible Titles spreadsheet found on your NCSA page (see buttons below).
  2. Edit the spreadsheet so it only includes those items you wish to discard, deleting the rows for items you intend to retain. Save the spreadsheet.
  3. Depository coordinator submits a request for approval to discard through askGPO.
    • Category: Other depository library question or issue.
    • Upload spreadsheet.
  4. Once the Superintendent of Documents’ decision is made, LSCM will notify your library’s depository coordinator. If your request is denied, a rationale will be provided.
  5. Once the approval to discard is received,  your saved spreadsheet must be uploaded to FDLP eXchange for review by your selectives and to offer the titles nationally. Spreadsheets should be uploaded to FDLP eXchange as soon as possible after authorization is received, as authorization will expire after 90 days. 

Titles Eligible for Regional Discard

Because titles and items eligible for discard depend on Preservation Steward holdings, eligibility may vary within each of the NCSAs. Please consult your NCSA page to review the list of titles that are eligible for you to discard under this policy.