Regional Online Selections

The Superintendent of Documents seeks to accommodate regional depository coordinators and their need to effectively manage their depository resources and transition to a greater emphasis on digital collections. This requires increased flexibility and the reconsideration of past selection requirements. One way to provide this flexibility is to offer “EL” or online as a format selection option for regional depository libraries, without also requiring that they select an equivalent tangible version. To that end, the Superintendent of Documents implemented Public Policy Statement (SOD-PPS-2021-1) Regional Depository Libraries Online Selections.

  • Publication eligibility requirements:
    • An equivalent version is accessible from GovInfo, from the digital repository of a Digital Preservation Steward, or from trusted digital repositories of Federal agencies.
    • A Print Selector or “day forward” Preservation Steward agreement in the regional’s National Collection Service Area (NCSA), who agrees to select and retain the print format for either a specified period of time (Print Selector) or in perpetuity (Preservation Steward). See below.
  • Authorization for regionals to select a title in online format only is granted by the Superintendent of Documents.

Regional Online Selection Authorizations by NCSA

Titles authorized for Regional Online Selection within a National Collection Service Area are listed on each NCSA web page. Authorizations for eligible titles may vary from one NCSA to the next.

Print Selectors commit to select and retain print publications that supersede on an established publication schedule. After the volume/issue/edition of that title supersedes, Print Selectors are allowed to discard those editions.

Print Selector Depository Library # NCSA
Illinois State Library 0140 Midwest
State Library of Ohio 0460 Midwest
University of Minnesota, Government Publications Library 0295 Midwest
Newark Public Library 0376 Northeast
State Library of Pennsylvania 0508 Northeast
Augusta University, Reese Library 0127 South
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Paul M. Herbert Law Center 0231 South
Texas State Library & Archives Commission 0591 South
University of North Carolina, Wilmington, William M. Randall Library 0448A South
University of South Carolina, Columbia, Thomas Cooper Library 0562 South
Vanderbilt University, Central Library 0580 South
Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, Alaska State Library - Government Publications 0016 West
University of Colorado Law School, William A. Wise Law Library 0074C West

Serving as a Print Selector is a valuable way to contribute to the National Collection. While agreeing to provide public access to the print format of a Federal Government title in your depository collection for a specified period of time, you are also serving other depository libraries in your NCSA. If you believe your library can support the National Collection in this manner, please consider volunteering to become a Print Selector.

Instructions to become a Print Selector

  1. Download and complete the Print Selector Agreement for the title or titles your library volunteers to select in print format and retain for the minimum retention period.
  2. Submit the Print Selector Agreement via askGPO.
    • Category: Other depository library question or issue
    • Upload signed agreement.
  3. GPO will add the Print Selector Agreement to your library’s official file

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