Anniversary Celebrations

The tradition of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) spans over 150 years, and we love to celebrate the individual anniversaries of Federal depository libraries as they recognize their contributions in the program. Whether it’s been 10 years or 100, let us know what your library is doing to celebrate so that we can share it with the entire FDLP community. Send us an email with a few pictures and a brief description of how you celebrated the event.

Here are a few examples of anniversary celebrations from around the FDLP:

The University of Kansas Libraries celebrated 150 years in the FDLP with an original anniversary exhibit, “For the People,” which highlighted the wide range of Government information accessible through the FDLP. The opening reception included a panel discussion on congressional hearings moderated by KU Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Reggie Robinson. Panelists included congressional hearings witnesses from KU and the Lawrence, Kansas community. The library also hosted two lectures. Richard Graham, associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discussed his book, “Government Issue: Comics for the People,” and selections from the Government Comics collection, both of which are featured in the “For the People” exhibition. Also, members of KU’s award-winning debate team presented a mock debate and discussed their extensive use of Government resources when preparing for debate competitions.

Tennessee State University’s Brown-Daniel Library celebrated their 45th FDLP Anniversary. Then GPO Director Davita Vance-Cooks served as keynote speaker. The program was attended by library staff, former Government Document Librarians, political representatives, and the University President Dr. Glenda Glover. The library captured the excitement of the day in an article posted on their website.

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Library celebrated their 110th FDLP anniversary. To commemorate the event, the staff created the exhibit, "Property of the United States Government."

The University of North Dakota’s Chester Fritz Library celebrated their 125th FDLP anniversary. The celebration included an interactive display and a lecture.

The St. Charles City-County Library District’s Middendorf-Kredell Branch Library celebrated their 25th FDLP anniversary with a month of special events including a patriotic photo booth, Government documents classes for the public, and a field trip for local children. The trip offered a tour of the Government documents collection, a scavenger hunt, Abe Lincoln craft making, and explored Government sites using the library’s mobile devices.

The collection was also featured on a local television station and YouTube Channel. This clip will live on as part of a larger video welcoming new residents to the city.

Southeastern Louisiana University’s Sims Library celebrated their 50th FDLP anniversary. Guest speakers spoke about the importance of the FDLP and free public access to U.S. Government information, followed by a celebratory reception with a patriotic cake and refreshments.

The University of Mary Washington Libraries celebrated their 75th FDLP anniversary with a presentation and a display exhibit. They also used their LibGuides to help capture the event.

Saint Louis University’s Pius XII Memorial Library celebrated their 150th FDLP Anniversary. The celebration included a presentation of the 150 years plaque from GPO to the Dean of the University, an exhibit highlighting the historical documents that the library collected over the last 150 years, and a visit from the Regional depository librarian. The Regional librarian read a passage from the Congressional Globe dated almost 150 years before the anniversary, and the library made stickers and buttons featuring the FDLP logos as well as their school mascot. Also, they added some unique graphics and used their social media platforms to spread the celebration to the rest of the university.

Lander University’s Jackson Library celebrated their 50th FDLP Anniversary. They invited a park ranger from Ninety-Six Historical Site as a guest speaker. Ninety-Six Historical Site is located within Greenwood County, so it was a great way to highlight local history for the faculty, staff, and students. They also celebrated with a cake and lemonade.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Law Library celebrated their 35th FDLP anniversary. The theme was “Documents Through the Decades,” and included examples of different formats from 1981 to the present. The largest sign summarized the commitment of the FDLP to provide access to the materials, and included a quote (found in a 1994 issue of Administrative Notes) from Sheila McGarr, former Chief of Depository Services at GPO, describing the purpose and goals of the FDLP. Also on display were circa 1980s photos of their oldest reading room and former FDL Coordinator, as well as photos of their current FDL Coordinator and their new reading room.

Texas Christian University’s Mary Couts Burnett Library celebrated their 100th FDLP anniversary with an array of activities in the library including speakers, exhibits of Government information, a voter registration table, a selfie station, and refreshments.

The Montana State Library celebrated their 50th FDLP anniversary. They had the good luck of having a GPO outreach team in town for a visit when they celebrated their anniversary with a hand-delivered plaque from GPO.

Florida State University’s Robert Manning Strozier Library celebrated their 75th anniversary in the FDLP. The library welcomed GPO’s Chief of Staff, Andy Sherman, for their celebration, and received a plaque from GPO.

Louisiana Tech University’s Prescott Memorial Library celebrated their 120th anniversary in the FDLP with a reception and presentations on the history of the library.

The Vernon Parish Library celebrated their 25th year in the FDLP with an Open House. Historic U.S. Government documents were on display, and staff offered tours of the library.

The James E. Brooks Library at Central Washington University hosted an open house with cake, balloons, giveaways, buttons, and more to celebrate their 55th anniversary in the FDLP. Staff were on hand to give tours, discuss the history of the area, and discuss the program. Displays illustrated the six areas comprising Government Publications Services in Brooks Library. They included specialized materials such as children’s materials, games and kits, non-English language including Braille, microformats, posters, and maps.

The Lewis J. Ort Library at Frostburg State University recently celebrated their 50th FDLP anniversary with a cake, a guestbook to record attendees, and a Government documents display that captured the time period leading up to the anniversary. They wrote about the celebration in their blog as well.

The University of New Hampshire Dimond Library celebrated its 110th FDLP anniversary with a custom book mark, a display of Government agency posters, a display of “coffee-table style” Government publications, and an exhibit case with several publications from their earliest years as a depository.

To find more examples of how your library can best celebrate its FDLP anniversary, visit the Celebrating Depository Anniversaries page on