FDLP eXchange Tips

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GPO will bring FDLP eXchange users new tips to help you navigate FDLP eXchange.

Task-Based Videos

If you have questions about how to perform specific tasks in FDLP eXchange, be sure to check out the series of task-based videos. These short videos provide instruction on how to use various function in FDLP eXchange, including getting started, messaging, and uploading spreadsheets. Please note that there have been some interface changes since these videos were created… Read More

Your FDLP eXchange Questions, Consultations, and Training Requests

Do you have questions about how eXchange works, what some features are all about, or how to perform a particular activity? We plan to continue Tip of the Week, but want to make sure we are addressing the topics you want to know about. Also, if you need training for your staff or a consultation on a particular problem, let us know that too. We can set aside some time… Read More

Errors When Uploading Large Spreadsheets

When uploading large spreadsheets (typically 250 or more items), errors are not indicated in the same way they are for smaller spreadsheets. For these uploads, you are not taken to a screen that shows and allows you to fix errors. Instead, all error-free items are sent automatically into the system and a separate spreadsheet is generated for items with errors. If this… Read More

Bulk Actions- Current and Future

There are a few bulk actions that were included in FDLP eXchange to decrease users’ workloads. Based on user requests, GPO is investigating enhancements that will provide additional bulk functionality. There are currently two types of bulk actions available to use in FDLP eXchange. Inputting Needs and Offers: Needs and Offers can be uploaded into the system in… Read More

Disaster Recovery and Digitization

Did you know that you can specify which of your needs are for disaster recovery or digitization? From the manual input page, just select “Yes” for either option (or for both.) When you do this, your Needs will be designated with a symbol for either Disaster Recovery (a red cross) or Digitization (a blue computer.) These designations can also be used as… Read More

New FDLP eXchange Web Pages

FDLP eXchange web pages have been updated to make them easier to use. Instead of one page, there are now five pages broken out by function. FDLP eXchange (landing page accessible from any page on FDLP.gov under the Collection Tools menu at the top) This page is an easy place to access all the eXchange pages. It also provides direct links to both the live and… Read More

Setting Your Notification Preferences

item, when you have received a new message, when a match is accepted or completed, and more.You can also choose how you want to be notified: by email or in the system. If you choose email, then you will receive notifications in your email. If you choose system, you will see the notification icon at the top of your screen activate.To set your notifications, go to “My User… Read More

Monthly Scheduled Maintenance

Once a month, the FDLP eXchange training and live sites undergo system maintenance. This is done to ensure that both websites are fully-functional and technically up-to-date for user access. The maintenance takes place between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m (Eastern). If you attempt to use either of the sites during this period, you may not be able to access the usual features… Read More

Using FDLP eXchange in States with More than One Regional

Many states have more than one library serving as a regional. These regionals manage discards in many different ways, all of which can be done using FDLP eXchange. As with single-regional states, it is up to the regionals to determine the discard process for selectives.There are two important things for multi-regional states to do when using eXchange:Have a plan. There… Read More

Offers - Regional Review, Selective Review, and Offering Nationally

FDLP eXchange is a tool designed to make discarding depository materials easier for libraries. However, it is important to remember that requirements and processes for discarding have not changed with the release of eXchange.Regionals still establish discard policies and procedures for their regions. They determine whether a region will use eXchange, what can be discarded… Read More